Back To School Health Tips From Our Doctors

Have you ever noticed your children tend to get sick more between September and June?

Now some will shrug this off as their children not wanting to take that algebra test or do the latest home work assignment in Mrs. Smith’s class. But, there is another reason kids tend to get sick during the school year.

You see, when kids get back to school they generally go from only being in contact with a handful of people to being in contact with hundreds of people. And being exposed to more people means being exposed to more germs.

“Because the little ones are heading back to school shortly, now is a good time to talk to your children about how they can stay healthy this school year,” Says Dr. Troy McKibbin from Pinnacle Medical Centres’ Okotoks location.

And while our doctors can’t help your child study for that algebra test or help them with their homework, they can help your child stay healthy this school year.

Here are a few tips:

Wash Your Hands

The number one way germs are transmitted from child to child is through physical contact with each other or surfaces that other children have touched. By washing hands regularly, the cycle is broken and germs are held in check. Another suggestion we have is to clip a handy hand sanitizer to the side of your child’s lunchbox.

Don’t Share Food & Drinks

While sharing food and drinks may seem harmless, it’s one of the easiest way to pass an illness from one child to another. As well, sharing food can lead to allergic reactions for those with food allergies – some that children don’t even know they have.

Cough or Sneeze into Your Sleeve

If you feel the need to cough or sneeze, try to do it into your elbow so that you get as few germs as possible on your hands. Having fewer germs on your hands helps with the spreading of germs.

And if you do happen to fall ill this school year, consider seeing your family doctor or visiting a walk in clinic for some professional help from a family physician. Pinnacle Medical Centres’ offer short wait times for walk-in patients to see a family doctor in Calgary, a family doctor in Strathmore, a family doctor in High River and a family doctor in Okotoks.

Most of our locations are also accepting new patients, including our:

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