Dr. Sarah Johnson – Okotoks Southbank

Hello.  My name is Dr Sarah Johnson. I am a new doctor in the Pinnacle group and I am delighted to be joining your community of Okotoks.  I look forward to getting to know you and your family over the coming months.

As a clinician, I pride myself on providing swift and accurate diagnoses and effective and thorough management of your condition. I am tenacious and will not rest till I know what your condition is.  I also enjoy getting to know my patients as individuals, and will work with you to maximize your personal health goals.

I was born in a tiny village called Mavis Enderby in rural Lincolnshire in England.  You could call it the middle of nowhere!  I did all my medical training in the city of Bristol, in South West England.  Bristol has one of the most competitive entry family practice programmes in the UK.

I am fully qualified in men’s, women’s and children’s family medicine and have additional post graduate qualifications in women’s health (sexual health and contraception).  In addition there are other areas I take a special interest in: dermatology, mental health, palliative care and emergency medicine.  I do not offer obstetric services.

I also take a keen interest in all aspects of patient safety.  I spent two years as a Patient Safety Fellow during my junior doctor training and instigated a landmark patient safety project at Weston General Hospital in England and published a paper about it in the BMJ (British Medical Journal).

Outside the office I enjoy travel, all sports and the great outdoors.  I have two teenage boys and love watching them play tennis and rugby.   I also enjoy organizing expeditions for young people, most recently my son’s 700 mile trek to the South Pole.  Having never learnt to play a musical instrument (probably because in truth I am not very musical …) I am none the less determined to teach myself to play the violin, feel free to ask me about how it’s going!

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